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About the LGBTQ Awards Gala:

Founded in 2016 by music industry professional Gregory Douglas, The LGBTQ Awards were established to honor individuals in the non-profit, entertainment and business world who, through their perseverance and success, have made a significant impact on their respective industries of focus. From donating their time, money and influence to philanthropic activities, to acting as a role model or pioneer for others in their fields, these individuals have opened new doors and changed the world affecting positive change in the LGBTQ community.


THE LGBTQ Awards is produced exclusively by the LGBT Arts & Culture Music Festival 501c3. The awards gala and benefit concert was created to further support the mission and vision of our non-profit organization.  Our organization has a dedicated 4 member Board of Directors providing years of organizational leadership and valued input.


Our Focused Program Initiatives


Health & Wellness Workshops:


It is our goal to provide outreach, sexual health education, mental health wellness education, life coaching, PREP Education & awareness to at risk LGBTQ People of Color (18-60+) in the greater Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.



Provide Financial Empowerment Education, LGBTQ Homeless & Food Insecurity Support


LGBTQ people are more likely than straight people to face poverty, food insecurity, and economic hardship, especially People of Trans- Experience


LGBTQ people are more than likely than non-LGBTQ people to not have enough money to buy food for themselves or their families due to having no financial resources


LGBTQ people, especially transgender people, are at high risk for unemployment. Over Forty percent of transgender people are unemployed or under employed


The economic disadvantages faced by LGBTQ are in part the result of discrimination. Over thirty states do not provide protection from discrimination for LGBTQ people in employment, housing, and public accommodations.This inequality significantly increases the opportunity of LGBTQ people being homeless and under served

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